How it works

How It Works

Catering Kings currently offer a mobile pizza catering service. This service is inclusive of up to a 3 hour serving period of unlimited pizzas served in a buffet style fashion and a walk around service. We have a versatile marquee setup that allows us to set up in almost any location! We bring our kitchen to you!!! Cooking delicious pizzas for you at your next event.

Set Up
We will arrive at the location anywhere from 1 and a half hours to 6 hours prior to the event, this is dependent on the amount of people being catered to and the location of the event. We will then set up our kitchen, we work in an extremely versatile set up. We can work from anywhere, from your backyard to your rooftop office.

We cook for up to 3 hours, serving your guests freshly cooked Pizzas. We are able to cook anywhere from 6 to 24 pizzas per 6 to 10 minutes depending on the setup. We may also walk around with Pizzas dependent on the event. This allows the host to fully enjoy their event, No Preparing, No Cooking, No cleaning all at an affordable price!

Pack Up
After the cooking period, or when guests stop eating we clean and pack up after ourselves. Our service truly alleviates much of the pressure associated with hosting an event, whether it be a family function, birthday, corporate event, wedding etc.